Photographic Proof Ruby Didn't Shoot Oswald!

As you can see from this obviously un-retouched, original photograph, taken in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters building on the night of November 24, 1963, Oswald was actually fronting his New Wave/techno-punk band, Grassy Knoll, with nightclub raver Jack Ruby on lead guitar and Dallas police officer Jim Leavelle on keyboards, during an impromptu rave party. Jack Kennedy and Jackie can be seen slam-dancing in the background.

Through the careful use of a very early beta version of PhotoShop (vers. -0.0.2), Dallas Morning News photographer Robert H. Jackson was able to modify his own photograph in order to make it appear that Oswald had been murdered. Jackson, whose doctored photo appears below, was quite obviously in on the conspiracy himself.

By the way, this was a joke, you know.

None of us here at the History Addict really believes in silly conspiracy theories. Well, hardly any of us at least, and the rest really do read too many books.

Which most of the rest of us do as well, come to think of it. Still, hardly anyone here really believes that the goverment murdered JFK, knew about the 9/11 attack plan in advance, listens in on your verbal conversations via microwave link towers, or records all your movements on those little magnetic tape strips they put in all the money.

Mostly because we all pretty much agree to a person that the government is not even close to being competent enough to pull any of this off. A somewhat comforting thought, at worst.

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