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A tribute video I made for our schools Veterans Day Chapel, held November 9, 2006. The background music is from the soundtracks of both We Were Soldiers and Ken Burn's Civil War, as well as tracks from the 8th Regiment band and Bobby Horton, there is a single movie clip from Gods & Generals, some still images are from Library of Congress and National Archives sources, other still images were kindly donated by Dr. Daniel Warner of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and all the other video and still photography was done by the History Addict Video Production Staff.

Due to copyright issues, this was made strictly for use in a non-profit, "fair use" environment, and is not intended for distribution or broadcast.

WARNING: This is a very large (about 37 mb) file, and may take an excessively long time to download, even with a big internet pipeline (DSL/Cable).

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